Kate & Renny-Blizzard Wedding

Kate & Renny-Blizzard Wedding

In our experience, out of all the weddings we’ve attended, we would have to say that Kate and Renny’s wedding was one of the most memorable and toughest events we’ve been to. Considering that Blizzard Jonas took a visit to the east coast (New Jersey) with its snowstorm that made it almost impossible to pass through any roads. At first, making it a hesitant morning, the team had a hard trek to the venue at Woodcliffe Manor - the vendors and all the staff members gave a prompt response upon our arrival, with not one person late to the preparations of the wedding event. Everyone showed their dedication towards each job they had to complete which made everything run smoothly.


The bride and groom had such a fun bridal party; they did not hesitate to come out and take photos together (mind the snow shower). Everyone laughed and had fun while showing off their winter accessories - faux fur muffs and of course, we always need those uggs for the winter weddings. The group knew how to party during the reception and they weren’t the only ones! The bride’s mother knew how to make the best out of the mother-daughter dance. With a specially coordinated dance, both made their guest/audience smile and witness the great relation that has come to bond with their family members.

You could tell right away that the relations that Kate and Renny had with their guests were not random invites but were those who attended to sincerely celebrate their wedding. We completely forgot that there was a snowstorm outside because none of the guests mentioned anything about the storm but rather enjoyed their time there. This just goes to show how much the couple cares about their relations and the celebration amongst special or loved ones. Their wedding was another eye-opener for us- it brought us to another level of capturing the most memorable moments for them because of the way they took in the storm as another chapter for their anticipated long-lasting story.


Photo by James & Jeff @ Woodcliff Manor NJ

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