James Park


James Park, described as a man of few words but carries a witty personality and many mention that they can’t deny his professionalism once he’s out on the field. During the event, his workflow is almost effortless and precise which comes from his dedication to taking the best photos for the bride and groom. Wedding photography wasn’t something that he picked up on the way but with his continuing passion, followed through for 17 years tending to more than 1500 events. 
His first step into photography was when he got the chance to visit a film developing darkroom with a good friend to watch how the photos develop. As the strips reacted to the chemicals, it brought out the captured images which just so happened to be a wedding shoot. Inspired by the beautiful images that appeared, James decided to change his education to photography at SVA to start his career as a photographer. Ranging from commercial to fashion photography, he incorporates all of his experience into the wedding shoot he attends.

Experience and creativity as a basic foundation for James’ photography, lighting is considered his priority, being accurate on its usage according to each given situation. Even though film photography was where it all started, James’ usage of software functionality exceeds expectations; creating long-lasting photos and edits that will make it timeless. Raised and trained by James, the well-coordinated team will be a supporting hand to the event and capture a photojournalistic angle, allowing to provide you with a memorable production.




Featured in Wedding Magazine's Top 50 Photographers of 2010

Winner of the James Frank Competition, 2008